My professional career began in customer facing roles, as I held several sales leadership roles, in each of which I achieved extraordinary results. 

I hold a Bachelors & Masters Degree in Digital Storytelling from Tel Aviv University, which is a tech and storytelling combined degree focused on disrupting the interactive experiences landscape. I studied and researched technical innovation for VR/AR, mobile and film experiences, and experimented with advanced platforms and software to tell stories in inventive ways. Via prototyping and user testing, I produced numerous innovative projects, and created unique technical solutions while utilizing experimental storytelling tools. 

I received honors for my academic achievements as my overall GPA is 92, and my projects have been displayed in festivals for digital media and cinema.

During my academic career I also achieved 1st place in a startup accelerator, I have lead student mentorship programs and I co-founded a social startup, which I am still active in today.

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